Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew isn't a recipe, it's a method. Also those K-cups are awful for the environment.

  • 4 cups cold water
  • 1 3/4 cups coarse ground coffee
You will need several containers, a strainer, and a coffee filter. If you have a super fine strainer you can skip the coffee filter step. I store the coffee in a large mason jar.

Mix the coffee and water in a container, stir well, and cover with plastic wrap. Feel free to stir the mixture occasionally.  I mix mine in the coffeepot just because it's convenient. Allow to sit 8-12 hours or overnight. I have let mine sit longer before, just because I forgot, and it was fine.

Pour the coffee mixture through a strainer into a clean glass container. If there are still grounds in the liquid put a coffee filter in the strainer and run the coffee through again. It may take a while if the remaining grounds are fine. Discard the coffee grounds.

Store the coffee in a resealable container, preferably glass, in the refrigerator. This is basically coffee concentrate. Fill a glass with ice, then about a third of the way with coffee. Add creamer, sugar, or water to taste. Finding your favorite combination may be trial and error, feel free to add more or less coffee to your taste. 

Makes about 3 cups of coffee. Use the coffee concentrate within 5 days. 


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