Recipe Roundup Two-- Entrees and forgetfulness

I'm a bad blogger. Not the worst, but definitely not great.

We went on vacation in November and then everything happened-- Holidays, birthdays, more holidays, family stuff, health issues, family issues, pet issues, etc.

I've been cooking and trying new things but I never remember to write about it. This blog is supposed to be a reference, a place where I can collect and make notes on my recipes and those of others but I just haven't been doing it.

I tend to cook something fantastic and never make it again, all because I forgot I made it the first time. I have to sift through pictures, tweets, and facebook posts to figure out what I have cooked recently. I really just need to write it all down so that I can repeat some of these great recipes.

Today is just going to be a link dump, a list of things I've cooked and we've enjoyed. Maybe I'll get some of my original recipes up soon but here is an entree round up for the last few months.

I have a few upcoming posts planned. Look forward to a few breakfast recipes, a post about bread, and a recipe for my mom's Sweet and Sour cake!


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