Bread, and why I hate cold weather--

I love bread. I really love bread.

Winter isn't the best time for baking though. Our kitchen is drafty and nothing will rise. I've tried making pizza for Friday night game night and I'm constantly heating the stove, moving the bowls around, boiling water in the microwave and sticking the dough in there just to keep it warm.

The absolute BEST way to get yeast dough to rise in the winter time is with a food dehydrator. I had my brother's for a while and it worked flawlessly. Most of the cheaper models have a temperature setting just for bread dough.

Baking bread from scratch in the winter time is an uphill battle, but it's worth it. I've made each of these loaves in the past few weeks, and will probably be making more soon.

No knead bread is fantastic if you don't have a fancy mixer, or if you want to let the kids help make bread. It requires more time, but a lot less effort than traditional bread making techniques.


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